The Domino Club

Progress Report

The hardworking of the Board members under the leadership of Mr. Leslie Weir and Mr. Frank Lyons has started to show dividend. The renovation process of future home of The Houston Missouri City Domino Club looking good.

Thanks to all the talented members who have decided to do the renovation themselves.

For the interested individuals, you can get a progress report on this website gallery. Click here for more Pictures

Renovation of the Domino Club

 Kitchen and Refreshment area Refreshment Area  Office, DJ Booth and Lounge area

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Houston Missouri City Domino Club

Picture of HMCDC Ground Breaking Ceremony

Ground Breaking Ceremony

From its humble beginning in 2008, the Houston Missouri City Domino Club (HMCDC) has established itself as an icon within the Houston and the Missouri City communities. Its philanthropic activities, coupled with its dedication to maintain the cultural heritage of their members, have set it apart from other social clubs in the area as they continue to meet and play dominoes for over twenty years.

On April 22, 2017, The Houston Missouri City Domino Club (HMCDC) entered a new chapter in its short existence. The HMCDC broke ground for its new facility located at 16030 Blue Ridge Road, Missouri City. Several State and local representatives attended to witness this great achievement. The day’s activity started with State Representative Ron Reynolds and County Commissioner Grady Prestage giving words of encouragement. Also in attendance were Mr. Khalfani Omari Fullerton Honorary Consul of Jamaica, and the Former Honorary Consul, Mrs. Beverly Ford.

HMCDC Ground Breaking Ceremony

Ground Breaking Ceremony for HMCDC

Recognizing the need to address the significant social challenge to maintain their cultural heritage, a group of Jamaicans united to continue a major part of the Jamaican culture in the US. They decided to get together to continue the tradition of playing dominoes as a pastime. The effort started in the 80’s with a small group getting together at each other’s home on a rotation basis. The trend became very popular and expanded into playing virtually every weekend. As time passed and more individuals joined, the most favorite spot became the Dennis’ residence. This residence served as the meeting place for a number of years. In an effort to accommodate their growing membership, they later relocated to 510 Texas Parkway, Missouri City. When it became apparent that the current clubhouse would not be large enough at the rate at which the club is growing a new location was sought.

This new facility was an abandon fire station situated on 1.98 acres with a building approximately 1600 square feet. According to President Leslie Weir, “This is just the beginning.” The members of the HMCDC are looking forward to moving because this location is more open and spacious, with immense capacity for growth. 

Home of Houston Missouri City Domino Club. 510 Texas Parkway, Missouri City, Texas