About Us


“The Houston Missouri City Domino Club Seeks to build community by providing a variety of opportunities for its members to engage in fellowship and service”

Our Club is Located at: 510 Texas Pkwy, Missouri City, Texas 77489
More than 20 years ago, several Jamaicans in an effort to continue a major part of the Jamaican culture in the US decided to get together to play dominoes as a past time.  The effort started in the 80’s with a small group getting together at each other’s home on a rotation basis.  The trend became very popular and expanded into playing virtually every weekend. As time passed and more individuals joined in, the most favorite spot became the Dennis’ residence. Games would begin as early as Thursday night, continuing through to Sunday night.

The numbers grew and an idea was suggested to build a domino room to accommodate more tables, etc.  Eventually, the group began celebrating birthdays on the weekends and had various dishes prepared to celebrate with family and friends. The word spread to some Dallas folks who had a domino team ready to challenge the Houston team.  At a birthday celebration for Cedric Buchanan, he surprisingly announced that an official club should be formed and offered all his ‘birthday collection’ that was pinned on him- approximately $600.00 to the club.  With that announcement and acceptance of the gallant effort of Cedric, the club was established in October 2009.